It’s January and you’ve joined a gym, they have shown you around and then given you a basic induction program, sent you on your way and now, well now, you are starting to feel a bit lost, standing there in the middle of the gym wondering what to do next. Questions start pop into your head, am I doing this right? Should I copy that person over there? How do I do that exercise again? Sod it, I’ll go sit on the bike for a bit and then go down to the coffee shop and relax.
A lot of people will start the new year with focus and determination, but then people will start to take that focus away; ‘You’re spending too long at the gym’, ‘All you ever do is go to the gym, come for a drink’, ‘Ah it’s ok to miss one session and come out with me’. Other people will be trying to make you feel guilty about looking after yourself but what if I told you that you can go to the gym, you can smash out your workout and still be able to go out with friends if you want to?
This is where having a fitness program tailored to your life and your goals comes into play. It’s not like those basic inductions, workout 3 times a week doing this and that and maybe in 6 weeks come find me and we can change a couple of bits. A proper program looks at your whole life and working week, working around you and your other life commitments
Planning out a good fitness program is key in promoting and maintaining good health in a client. They are a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your workouts, keeping you focused and pushing towards your goal. They will make sure you are targeting all your muscle groups as well as getting a good cardio workout. A lot of people exercise but are not getting the full benefits that exercise as they are not really sure what they are doing and will just look things up on the internet for inspiration. But by planning out some fitness programs with a trained professional, you can make sure that you are not wasting your time.
Some people do a lot of cardio, but no weight training, or vice versa. It is very important to get a bit of both, as cardio is wonderful for your heart and weight training is excellent for bone density among other things.
Now that you are ready to find some good fitness programs, where do you start? Here at Tom Nash Personal Training we take a lot of time and knowledge and put it into designing the right program for you. We will assess your needs and goals in the initial free consultation and then come up with a fitness program that suits your age, fitness level, and life style. Make an appointment with us and we will be able to help you not only come up with a great fitness program, but show you how to do the exercises properly and without harming yourself as well.
Good health and proper fitness is important at any age. Do not hesitate, get going and book with Tom Nash Personal Training a fitness program today.


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