As a personal trainer I get asked a lot of questions regarding nutrition and I mention water, most of my clients will respond with ‘Yeah, I don’t think i drink enough’ or ‘I don’t want to keep popping to the loo every 5 minutes’. Well to be honest, the benefits far out way the downside of having to go to the loo more during the day. Below I have listed some of the main benefits of drinking enough water during the day.
Fluid Balance:
So lets start with the main one, your body is made up of roughly 60% water, the moment that starts to drop then the body cannot run properly. Drinking enough water keeps your body’s fluid at the right level and this means that your body works correctly, that it can transport nutrients around the body, that it can regulate the body temperature, help digest food and many more body processes that we take for granted.
Calorie Control:
Forget those diet drinks, if they have sweetner’s in then they are even worse than full fat products, if you want the best diet drink out there then drink some plain H2O! Try this next time you feel hungry, drink a glass of water, wait 10 minutes and then see if you feel hungry still. The feeling of being thirsty feels quite like being hungry, plus when you then come to eat you’ll find you’ll feel full quicker and thus eat less, reducing your calorie intake.
Fuel for Your Muscles:
So everyone talks about protein for your muscles, but what about the basic fuel, water… without water your body cannot transport the nutrients to the muscles properly, so they fatigue quicker, which means you can’t do as much as you planned to. Try drinking plenty of water before your workout, during and afterwards to keep your fluid balance up and to help combat the loss of fluids through sweating.
Kidney Function:
So feeling a bit run down, your kidneys aching (lower back) and you think, I know I’ll do a ‘cleanse’ so you chuck in loads of stuff into a juice and drink just that for a few days to ‘cleanse’ your body… well stop that… just drink more water instead, give your body what it needs and not some fad that you think helps you because it says so on some tv advert but actually doesn’t except cost way more money than water does… so save yourself some pennies, drink more water to help your kidneys process that 180 litres of blood daily! Sifting out the waste (cleansing) and transporting urine to the bladder.
Clearer Skin:
Some toxins in the body can cause the skin to inflame and the pores to get blocked, resulting in acne. drinking enough water can help to clear the body of those toxins and give you clearer and better looking skin.
Beating that Tiredness:
So feeling a little tired, maybe going to reach for that coffee or tea to boost those energy levels, well before you do, drink a glass of water, one of the first signs of dehydration is tiredness. Water can also help improve productivity, focus and concentrate.
That feeling of soreness you have in your muscles and joints, that could be down to a lack of body fluids, as the fluid balance drops in the body, the lubrication around your joints or in your muscles reduces, making moving sore. So drink more water to help ease those aching muscles and help to relieve those DOMS you’ve been having.
Being Regular:
By drinking more water, you are helping to lubricate the colon, making things flow.. just that little bit easier, you’re welcome 🙂
So by keeping up your fluids, you are helping to keep your body in peak condition and avoiding that dehydration that makes everything ache. Increasing your fluid intake can also help relieve some of the symptoms of being congested. Obviously if you are still feeling really ill then you need to go see your doctor or contact the NHS helpline for advice (do not go up A&E for a cold…)
So there are a few of the benefits of drinking water each day, how much water is always up for discussion but if you are really active then you will need to drink more water. So to help you out, try this, upon waking drink a glass of water, say 200 ml minimum and then the same 30 minutes before any large meal, the rest of the time keep a water bottle on you, say a litre bottle and aim to consume that during the day as you get used to drinking water, then up the amount and if you are working out for an hour then during that time consume that full litre of water, and then refill it when you leave the gym.

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