Tabata training, also known as the Tabata Protocol, is new type of high intensity interval training designed to get your heart rate up in that very hard anaerobic zone for short periods of time. … 20 seconds of a very high intensity exercise (e.g., sprints) 10 seconds of rest. Because it’s a hard and fast routine, you can do them when you are short on time, one round is 4 to 5 minutes, so if you only have 15 minutes spare then you can smash out 3 rounds and that’s your workout done and dusted 🙂
Now I like to play around with the timings and I have a preference for 30 seconds of High Intensity and then 10 seconds of rest and then to make it harder I then just add more rounds as you get fitter. You can include weights if you feel more confident with the workout and remember you need to work as hard as possible during the 30 seconds to get your heart going. Maximum effort = Maximum Benefit
Below I have set out some of the different routines I use in my classes, not all of them as you wont come to my classes. You can even add two workouts together to train a couple of areas at once.
Give them a go and don’t forget to let me know how you get on, like my facebook page and keep up to date with my latest workouts.
Core Routines:
Sit-ups, Russian Twists, Leg Raises and Bicycle Crunches
Plank, Side Plank Left, Reverse Plank and Side Plank Right
Mountain Climbers, Spider-mans, Glute Bridges and Heel Touches
Upper Body:
Normal Press-up, Wide Press-up, Close Hand Press-up and Archer Press-Up
Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Side Raises, Dumbbell Rows and Bicep Curls
Dumbell Tricep Extension, Dumbell Front Raises, Dumbbell Reverse Flyes and Dumbbell Straight Leg Deadlifts
Lower Body:
Squats, Reverse Lunges, Wide Squats and Jumping Squats
Deep Goblet Squats, Alternating Step-ups with Knee Raises, Heel to Bum Flicks and Alternating Jumping Lunges
Wide Squats, Seesaw Lunge Right Leg, Seesaw Lunge Left Leg and Alternating Curtsey Lunges
Give them a go and if you have any questions then drop me a message, or post on my facebook page.

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