Rep routines are where you count out a number of repetitions for a total number of sets, as you get stronger you increase the number of reps while keeping the number of sets the same.
These routines are a great way to work on technique and also to gauge how much stronger you are getting with each time you do the routine. Start off with low reps, then when you are done think was that easy or hard (ask yourself how many more reps could I do with proper technique?) and then do that the next time you attempt the routine, thus building up your strength each week. To start you off I’ve posted the core workout (with a video) that I was doing while I was on holiday.
Start with 3 sets – rest for 1 minute between each set and build up to 5 sets. If you want to start slowly then halve the reps and build up the reps each time.
Core – Hit the core from all angles
Mountain Climbers – 20 Reps (each leg)
Normal Press-ups – 20 Reps
Spider-mans – 20 reps (each side)
30 Second Side Plank Right
30 Second Normal Plank
30 Second Side Plank Left
20 Leg Raises
20 Bicycle Crunches (each side)
20 Knees Bent V-sits
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