The fitness industry will bang on about protein, guys in the gym will be chugging on their protein shakes, ‘Bruh this shake has 50 grams of protein and it’s going to make me mahoosive, yeah bruh totes about the gainz!’ Personal Trainers will instruct you to get your protein intake up, especially women but what if you don’t want to consume tons of meat or protein shakes, not everyone is the same, surely these are the only two options. Well if you are Vegetarian then you will not want a meat source and if you are Vegan then you won’t want to go near any of that stuff… so how do you get your protein in, what are your choices?
Below I have picked out some of the best Vegetarian and Vegan options for protein. Even if you are not Vegetarian or Vegan you can still use these protein sources, as it’s much better to get your protein from natural sources than from a protein shake.


Squeeze more bone-fortifying calcium into your diet (without indulging in dairy) by loading up on nuts like peanuts, almonds and pistachios (not the honey roasted type!!). One serving of each has about 160 high-quality calories because they’re made up of a well-balanced blend of protein, fiber and fat. Aside from being the perfect snack on the go or in the office, nuts are a great power food that will help fill you up and trim you down. Nut and seed butters are higher in fat than protein but these ‘good’ fats can actually help to make you lean.  Some people will say that you will get fat by consuming too many nuts… but do you know how many nuts you will need to consume, constantly, to do that? Well I don’t know either but I can say that it will be a lot, and way more than you can consume in one sitting or you need to learn some self control.

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