So you are here to learn the secret to killer Abs? Want me to let you in on the secret that the whole fitness industry knows about and doesn’t want you, the average Joe to know about? This article is going to get me into some serious trouble with other Personal Trainers but I think it’s unfair that it’s being kept away from you for so long.
Before I tell you what the secret is, I just want you to know that you can stop doing those millions of crunches everyday and that you can stop searching on the internet for the perfect Ab workouts now because this article will be all you need in starting your quest for the perfect abs.
Here it comes the secret to those perfect abs and how to achieve them.
Everyone has Abdominal’s, that’s no lie, we all have them. It has nothing to do with how many Crunches, Russian Twists, Hanging Leg Raises or Planks with some form of rotation you do. Yes, those exercises will strengthen your core and make those Abdominal’s stronger. So what’s the secret I hear you cry? Tell me how do I get those abs without millions of crunches?
The secret, the secret that the whole fitness industry doesn’t want you to know, the secret that those magazine articles have been keeping from you all these years. The one they don’t want you to know because they need you to buy into those impact headlines, GET ABS IN 6 WEEKS, GET BEACH READY BY THE TIME YOU’VE FINISHED READING THIS SENTENCE


For most people those abs, that we all want to come out for the summer holidays, are hidden under a layer of fat. Yep, the reason you can’t see those Abs popping out, is because you are overweight or you are carrying enough bodyfat to cover those abdominal’s.
I’m not trying to be a dick here but it’s the truth, you have a layer of fat covering those abs, that’s why you can’t see them you want Abs and that’s a clue to the secret.
‘Look Tom, I’m just here to learn the secret, I know that I’m a bit overweight, I’m not hiding that fact but I just want a six pack and a smaller waist, what exercises can I do?’
Okay, Okay, the secret is… drum roll please… NUTRITION! The whole Fitness industry knows this, they may even touch on it, but they won’t linger on it as that headline won’t sell them magazines and you have most likely considered stopping reading this article already, it’s okay I understand.
Well to be precise, a calorie controlled diet and most likely, in a lot of cases, a calorie deficit diet (there are other factors to consider hormones, illnesses, medication but for the average Joe this will work) but you find it hard to make such a massive change, so I have a compromise for you. Make small changes, that over time they will make a big change.
So here’s a few things you can change and start to see that waist slim down and make those abs pop.
1. Cut down on alcohol.


I do not mean Dryanuary.
I mean cut down all the time.
Every January I see people give up alcohol for a month, they do it for charity. They lose weight, one person I know lost half a stone in a month, just from giving up alcohol, nothing else, just quitting the booze. Then come the 1st of Feb, they have a party to celebrate. Celebrate what? That they can drink again, because that’s the most important thing in their life. Not their health but drinking. They moan about putting weight on and not being able to lose it, even though they just lost half a stone and have seen the benefits in only just one month. It’s a crazy mindset. Here’s a way to lose weight but I’m not going to do it…
Just start with cutting down, I still enjoy a drink but not in excess and also not very often, especially not every week or weekend. It’s all well and good having a drink to relax at the end of the week, everyone has vices but when it becomes excessive then you’ve undone all your hard work in the gym. Cut your alcohol intake down by half, that’s 50% and you’ll notice 2 things, 1. Your bank balance will be better and 2. Your clothes will fit you better.
2. Avoid processed sugars and saturated fats


Sugar can make it difficult to lose weight because of constantly high insulin levels, which cause the body to store excess carbohydrates as fat.
Constantly eating highly processed food is not good for you, you know this, most people with common sense know this but you still carry on. It’s okay to have a cake or some chocolate now and then, but when it becomes everyday then it’s just going to bulge your waist line and make those abs disappear even more.
So again, if you struggle to cut it out then cut it down. Instead of 5 biscuits and a chocolate bar with your afternoon cup of tea then cut it down to a biscuit and chocolate bar or even swap it for some fruit.
3. Increase your water intake.


If you are dieting, it is important to drink water so your liver can effectively metabolise your body fat. If you are dehydrated then your liver cannot function the way it should. So get that water intake up.
Here’s the compromise, if you are struggling to consume enough water then just slowly up it each week, 4 cups this week, 5 the next. If you jump straight up to 8 or 10 cups in a day then you’ll either be going for a piss all the time or you won’t keep it up.
Make small changes that will benefit you in the longer run and you’ll most likely stick to them.
  1. Do high intensity interval training (HIIT, Tabata).
  2. Join in with classes at the local gym or a bootcamp.
  3. Make realistic goals.
  4. Get a Personal Trainer, who can help with exercises and  help tailor your food diary.
  5. Stop eating crap (I’ve put this last because it’s normally the hardest bit).
I started off this article by saying that this is a massive secret that the fitness industry doesn’t want you to know but actually that’s a lie. As a Personal Trainer, the advice given in this article is shouted out by many PT’s, articles are written on the subject, people will tell you that those impact headlines are lies and they are. They are used to draw you in, to make you read whatever is written. A bit like the headline I’ve used. If you’ve made it this far and you are still reading then it’s all because of that headline, it’s what made you click on the link.
There are no secrets in fitness, there are no secrets in achieving your goals, everything is on the internet and the knowledge you need is always at your finger tips, but it means nothing if you do not apply that knowledge to help you achieve your goals..
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