No guys really looks forward to leg day, the day after getting up or down stairs hurts, the mere act of picking something up of the floor, nope that dropped fork can stay there until someone with legs that work properly can pick it up.
Of course, there are some exceptions , those people in the gym constantly working their legs in the gym but remember they are the exception, more than anything they are show offs, working on those show muscles that serve no real purpose.
If everyone was meant to train legs then there would be more squat racks than dumbbells, or lower body machines than upper body. Go on, go look in your gym and see what out numbers what. Upper body right? Training Legs is just for girls!


Look at most people in your local gym, are they all waiting for the squat rack or smashing out set after set of upper body? If we were meant to train legs then surely all men would be doing it? When you are not sure, just follow what the majority of men in the gym, because surely they are working out correctly.
Just remember Leg day is just for girls and if you are a real man then you leave those squats alone!
Still not sure, well below I have set out some of the best reasons why you should never do a leg day in your life!
1. You’ll Build Muscles You Can’t See
By working those thin legs of yours, you’ll end up building more muscle and everyone knows that will take away the gains of building the muscle up top. You need the protein to go where it’s needed the most, and you don’t want it to not make it to your arms if your legs need to repair.
Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is naturally produced in your body and plays a key role in the health of men, helping increase the growth of muscle mass and strength. Compound moves, such as squats and deadlifts, which use large muscle groups, help elevate your T-levels.
But seriously why make gains in areas that others won’t see and are hidden by clothes?


2. You’ll Lose Your Gains
Did you know that your gluteus maximus (aka, your bum) is the largest muscle in your body? Probably best to not tell your girlfriend this. They won’t take it as a compliment. But there is good news regarding the size of your derriere.
Working these bigger muscles requires more energy, which means your body will have to burn more calories but you want to make gains, so burning calories goes against everything you are trying to do. It’s why you skip cardio too… calories lost means lack of gains.
3. Jeans and Skinny Leggings Will No Longer Fit
You want those super tight, spray on jeans to fit properly and you don’t want to go up too many sizes in the waist just to get those quads into those bad boys! So drop those squats and leave those deadlifts at the door.
4. You’ll Have Less Time To Train Upperbody


You might not believe it, but your legs and core produce the majority of your power during heaving lifting but you have been doing just fine without training legs. Your upperbody is looking ripped to shit, and you are pumping out some serious weight on those dumbbells. So why bother with legs at all, it only takes away from Arm Day and your core, well working core just means more decline sit-ups anyway…
5. If You Train Your Legs Then You Can’t Work on Your Imbalances 
Never been injured in the gym before? Then just carry on as normal. A muscle imbalance is just a small back and big chest or forgetting to hit your rear delts. You are able to get in and out of chairs okay and walk upstairs, so your legs are perfectly good enough for what you need of them.
So there you have it, the 5 best reasons for not doing a leg day. Follow these simple tips and you will have that upperbody you so desire and be able to impress everyone with the size of your arms and Lat spread… just remember to walk around the gym with a full pump on.


Let’s be clear about this, chaps. If you are serious about building muscle, developing functional strength, and reducing the risk of injury, then you need to work on your legs. Often. If you’re working out three times a week, one should be dedicated to your lower half. Don’t be a an utter knob and skip leg day, you think you look good just training your upperbody? Girls, women, other men are laughing at you. It’s not a good look, having chicken legs is poor and you could do so much more if you trained those legs of yours.
Finally I think the real reasons that most people don’t train their legs is cause its hard. I mean you’re using a lot of muscle, you’re burning tons of calories, it’s exhausting. You’re using muscles that are super undeveloped due to bad lifestyles. You’re battling injuries due to this same cycle of neglect and bad habit. I mean I get it, its hard to know how to tackle these issues, but that doesn’t mean you just avoid it.
If you had any sense, you would never skip leg day.
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