I have always been active my whole life and I’ve always had an interest in keeping fit right from an early age, for 25 years I played football to various levels, ending with me playing for Sandhurst Town FC in the Combined Counties league for several years alongside playing for my friends Sunday League team.
It was during my time with Sandhurst Town that I found a love of coaching and developing youth players, teaching them and helping them to work on their technique. I would continue to help out at the training sessions with the youth teams at least twice a week.
As my football ‘career’ was winding down I started to look at other sports, something that would give me that same buzz, and by chance I came across a sport called Obstacle Course Racing. From the first time crossing that line I felt this buzz of excitement. Something that I had not felt for a long time.
It was also in this time that I felt I needed to change career, as 14 years in the civil service was beginning to wear me down, and having spoken to several people, family, friends and work colleagues, I decided to research into being a Personal Trainer. My passion for fitness and nutrition has always been there but it has only come out when training friends and looking after myself. Now I wanted to pass this passion on and help develop my clients and help them reach their goals.
Since 2013 I have competed in Obstacle Course Racing, and I have now represented my country three times at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships 2015, 2016 & 2017 and I am looking to qualify and represent my country again in 2018.
In my time as a personal trainer I have gained experience in various training methods and hold current up to date qualifications that have helped me train different clients and tailor their routines towards their own personal goals.
You may be surprised to know that anybody can call themselves a Personal Trainer so it is extremely important when choosing one to ensure they are a member of a professional controlling body such as REPS and hold valid qualifications.