Overweight? Then Beat the Bulge with Some of the Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Excess weight can make exercise difficult, something that a lot of people who have never been overweight forget, but there are some awesome exercises for overweight people that can help make your workouts easier and help you to start seeing results, especially when starting out.


Burpee City – What Level are You?

Some people want a challenge, some people want to push themselves, are you one of those people? Do you want a workout that will burn fat, build muscle and get that tone that we all seek from our workouts? Here's a great workout that you use as a fitness test, it involves no weights, no … Continue reading Burpee City – What Level are You?

Deadlift Your Way to Greatness

Deadlifting, some may call it the King or Queen of exercises in the gym, some may even say that its the only exercise that you need to do in the gym. Of course you still need to do other exercises in the gym, but the truth is that everyone should be doing some form of … Continue reading Deadlift Your Way to Greatness

Rep Routines

Rep routines are where you count out a number of repetitions for a total number of sets, as you get stronger you increase the number of reps while keeping the number of sets the same. These routines are a great way to work on technique and also to gauge how much stronger you are getting … Continue reading Rep Routines

How to Train for that First Obstacle Course Run

Okay so you've signed up to that 'event', everyone at work is doing it, it's something called 'Pretty Muddy' or 'Tough Mud something' and you've been told that it'll be fun, just a bit of jogging, some obstacles but mostly just having a laugh with everyone, don't worry, we're are doing it as a group, … Continue reading How to Train for that First Obstacle Course Run

Calves, Why Do We Not Train Them?

Why is that when we start taking up a sport, for example, running, we only ever think of going running to get better at it? Why do we think that to get better at running that we should just increase our miles or increase speed or gradient, to help us get better at running? Why … Continue reading Calves, Why Do We Not Train Them?