I thought I knew so much about exercise and nutrition. I thought I couldn’t get Abs because I was 48 and had had two children. I thought carbs were the enemy. I thought I should only lift light weights.

Actually, I was wrong about everything. I decided to invest in myself and try yet another Personal Trainer, having been uninspired by several before. Tom has transformed my education and body in 3 months. I eat more, I’m stronger and I actually can’t believe how strong and lean my body is getting. I don’t want to give up and the best thing is, I still live life. It doesn’t have to be torture.

On the contrary, having a PT who knows what he is talking about is the best thing I have ever done.  He is very professional, dedicated, reliable and realistic and will push you to limits you thought you would never be capable of.


― Kay Kennedy – August 2017