Tom helped me out with some last minute injury taping ahead of the OCR World Championships in Canada… with a description of the issues, he expertly taped me up, allowing me to run in far more comfort… thanks Tom, much appreciated 🙂

Claire Rosser – November 2016

I’ve been working with Tom for a few months and the programs he has come up with for me have been achievable but while pushing me to improve my results. He checks in frequently to see how I feel I am progressing and is happy to adapt things I feel are maybe too advanced for me or when I have injured myself.

He takes the time to understand what I can and can’t do rather than simply saying “do 10 more” of everything and hes extremely supportive. I would recommend him happily to anyone

Roy James – November 2016

I booked 10 session with Tom before my holiday and I can’t wait to book in my next 10. In a short space of time I found myself fitter, stronger and more toned. He is knowledgeable, considerate of individual capabilities but will always push you to your maximum. He regularly checks in with you during the week to ensure you are continuing training without him. He expects 100% commitment from his clients but gets the results you want. By far the best Personal Trainer I have ever had.

Michelle Stephens – September 2016

I have known Tom for just over a year. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about personal training. As he competes regularly in endurance type events, he fully understands the trials and tribulations of staying fit. Tom is great to talk to and a good listener and will come back with a considered answer to any question. He is always expanding his knowledge to benefit both himself and his clients and will go above and beyond to help. In just two sessions he completely changed my running style by breaking it down step by step and explaining all the benefits of running like a top athlete. It was a little tough to start with but I have not looked back. Tom is an awesome all around PT and nice guy. Can’t reccomend him enough

Penny Lyndon – September 2016

Tom has been training me for a few months now and I would happily recommend him. He adopts a holistic approach to my training regime, and provides sound advice on my fitness, nutrition and overall well-being. The sessions extend beyond our one-on-ones as he provides me with an exercise regime and fitness challenges I can do at home, and he checks in consistently to make sure they’re done! He is extremely knowledgeable about physiology and happily answers the plethora of questions I pose to him each session. He is very patient, but more than that he adheres to my fitness goals and he’s a great listener. He pushes me hard, but the sessions are fun – which means I keep coming back! He has confidence in my ability and that’s a great motivator, too…

Amber Addley – September 2016